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Listed below are the selected presentations:

Keynote Address: Facets as Discourse: How Facets and Facet Analytical Theory Reveal Cultural Dimensions in 21st Century Knowledge Organization Systems
Richard P. Smiraglia, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA)
Keynote Address: Faceted Classification as the Basis of All Information Retrieval
Vanda Broughton, University College London (UK)
Facet Analysis as One Among Other Theories of Classification
Birger Hjørland, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Facets and Change: Design Requirements for Analytico-Synthetic Schemes in Light of Subject Ontogeny Research
Joseph T. Tennis, University of Washington (USA)
Syntax of Facets and Sources of Foci: a Review of Alternatives
Claudio Gnoli, University of Pavia (Italy)
A Paradigm Shift from Disciplines to Domains in Ranganathan's Analytico-Synthetic Classification
A. R. D. Prasad, DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute (India)
Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento (Italy)
Faceted Classification, Analysis, and Search: Some Questions on Their Interrelations
Martin H. Frické, University of Arizona (USA)
The Principle of Compositionality and Entity-Relationship Modeling: Faceted Classification in a Broader Context
Dagobert Soergel, University of Buffalo (USA)
CRG-style Facet Analysis and Semantic Frames
Rebecca Green, OCLC (USA)
The Thought Behind the Symbol: About the Automatic Interpretation and Representation of UDC Numbers
Attila Piros, University of Debrecen (Hungary)
Indexing KOSs in BARTOC by a disciplinary and a phenomenon-based classification: preliminary considerations
Andreas Ledl, Basel University Library (Switzerland)
Claudio Gnoli, Science and Technology Library, University of Pavia (Italy)
The Challenge of Managing Access to New and Novel Forms of Data: An Application of UDC
Suzanne Barbalet, UK Data Archive, University of Essex (UK)
Nathan Cunningham, UK Data Archive, University of Essex (UK)
The Contribution of Ranganathan’s Facet Theory to the Determination of the Meaning of "Subject" in Fiction
Patrícia de Almeida, Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
Maria da Graça Simões, Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
Daniel Martínez-Ávila, Universiade Estadual Paulista (Brazil)
Numbers, Instruments, Voices and Hands: the Impact of Faceted Analytical Theory on Classifying Music Ensembles
Deborah Lee, City, University of London (UK)
Similarity Measurement Between UDC Codes and its Application
Paweł Lula, Cracow University of Economics (Poland)
Urszula Cieraszewska, Cracow University of Economics (Poland)
Facets of the UDC and Their Performance in NEBIS
Jiri Pika, UDC Editorial Board (Switzerland)
Organization of Knowledge in Digital Libraries: an Approach in Faceted Classification and Dynamic Taxonomies
Flávio Vieira Pontes, Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil)
Gercina Angela de Lima, Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Classification & Authority Control
Classification & Visualization
Classification & Ontology
Classification at a Crossroads


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