International UDC Seminars are biennial conferences devoted to advances in documentary/bibliographic classification research and their application in a networked environment.

The aim of these conferences is to promote communication between developers and users of bibliographic classifications, Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) in particular, and to encourage interaction between the domain of bibliographic control and other information fields in which knowledge classifications may be used.

UDC Seminars Overview

2017 Faceted Classification Today: theory, technology and end users London, 14-15 September 2017
2015 Classification & Authority Control: Expanding Resource Discovery Lisbon, 29-30 October 2015
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2013 Classification & Visualization: Interface to Knowledge The Hague, 24-25 October 2013
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2011 Classification & Ontology: Formal Approaches & Access to Knowledge The Hague, 9-20 September 2011
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2009 Classification at a Crossroads: Multiple Directions to Usability The Hague, 29-30 October 2009
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2007 Information Access for the Global Community The Hague, 4-5 June 2007
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International UDC Seminars are organized by the UDC Consortium, the owner of the Universal Decimal Classification. UDC Consortium is a not-for-profit organization of publishers and its interest in advancing research in knowledge classification stems from the origins of the UDC and the international profile of its previous owner International Federation for Information (FID).

Historical Background

Forty years ago the FID initiated a series of UDC Seminars to advance research in applying UDC in computerised information retrieval systems
  • First Seminar on UDC in a Mechanized Retrieval System (1969) conducted by R. R. Freeman and P. Atherton, Copenhagen, 2nd-6th September, 1968 : proceedings. Edited by R. Molgaard-Hansen, M. Rigby. Copenhagen: Danish Centre for Documentation, 1969. (FID/CR Report no 9).
  • Second Seminar on UDC in Mechanized Information Systems (1971) conducted by R. R. Freeman, Frankfurt, 1st-5th June, 1970 : proceedings. Edited by R. Molgaard-Hansen, M. Westring-Nielsen. Copenhagen: Danish Centre for Documentation, 1971. (FID/CR Report no 11).
  • International Symposium. UDC in Relation to other Indexing Languages, Herceg Novi, Yugoslavia, 28th June-1st July, 1971 : proceedings. Belgrade: Yugoslav Center for Technical and Scientific Documentation; The Hague: FID, 1972.
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