International UDC Seminar 2009

A bit of history...

The International UDC Seminar 2009 entitled "Classification at a Crossroads - multiple directions to usability" took place in the Koninklijke Bibiotheek in the Hague on 29-30 October 2009. There were 135 delegates in attendance from 32 countries.

Prof. Dagobert Soergel, opened the first day with keynote address entitled "Illuminating chaos: using classification to harness the Web", proposing that both people and computer systems need semantics to make sense of information.

The second morning of the conference was devoted to classification in relation to semantic technology. The theme was set by the keynote address given by Dan Brickley entitled "Open standards and classification: foundations for a hybrid approach."

The conference consisted of 22 interesting and thought-provoking talks, slides and recordings of which are available on the conference programme page.

We would like to thank to Agnes Hajdu-Barat for photographing the event. You can see all her conference photographs here.