RICHARD P. SMIRAGLIA, keynote speaker, is Professor in the Knowledge Organization Research Group of the iSchool at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a Visiting Professor for 2016-2017 at DANS - Data Archives and Networked Services (a Division of the Royal Netherlands Academy of the Arts and Sciences) and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Knowledge Organization. He has also been on the faculties of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University (1992-2009), the School of Library Service at Columbia University (1986-1992) and was Music Catalog Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1974-1986). He is the author of more than 300 publications in information science and knowledge organization. His work explores ontology extraction and evolution of knowledge in domains, classification interaction, classification-based knowledge maps, the cultural role of authorship, the representation of knowledge in knowledge organization systems and the phenomenon of instantiation among information objects. His books include Domain Analysis for Knowledge Organization (Chandos 2015), The Elements of Knowledge Organization (Springer 2014), Cultural Synergy in Information Institutions (Springer 2014) and The Nature of a Work (Scarecrow 2001). Edited volumes include Ontology for Knowledge Organization (Ergon 2015), Cultural Frames of Knowledge (Ergon 2013) and Dimensions of Knowledge: Facets for Knowledge Organization (Ergon 2017 forthcoming). He collaborated with the Knowledge Space Lab (Amsterdam) on knowledge maps and ontogeny of UDC and is currently working with Rick Szostak on comparisons between UDC and Basic Concepts Classification on interdisciplinarity. The objective of his year with DANS is to discover ways to use classification to overcome silos in data repositories as well as with the LOD Cloud. See more on his website and his blog.
Talk title: Facets as Discourse: How Facets and Facet Analytical Theory Reveal Cultural Dimensions in 21st Century Knowledge Organization Systems

VANDA BROUGHTON, keynote speaker, is Emeritus Professor of Library & Information Studies at University College London, and the author of a number of books and articles on faceted classification and controlled vocabularies. She has worked on faceted classification systems since 1972 when appointed as Research Fellow on the Bliss Classification revision (BC2) project to work with Jack Mills. From that time she was a member of the UK Classification Research Group (CRG), then under the Chairmanship of Mills alongside such leading figures as Douglas Foskett, Eric Coates, Jason Farradane, Robert Fairthorne and Derek Austin. She had Joint Editorship of BC2 with Jack Mills until his death in 2010 when she became sole Editor and Chair of the Bliss Classification Association. She has also been an Associate Editor of the Universal Decimal Classification, sometime member of the IFLA Committee on Classification & Indexing and a founder member of the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization, which she chaired from 2007-2011. Her work in the UDC editorial team resulted in the application of CRG-type of facet analytical theory to the revision of class 2 Religion and several systematic auxiliaries and she has also researched the use of faceted vocabularies in digital environments. The FATKS project at UCL looked at methods of machine handling of faceted classification data, and associated problems of subject metadata in the humanities. In addition to the ongoing revision and development of the Bliss Classification, her current research work, focuses on the development of a broader theory of facet analysis and the use of encoding to support automatic generation of both thesaural and systematic knowledge structures from core terminologies. In the 2013 Research Excellence Framework for UK higher education, her work on faceted classification was chosen by the Department of Information Studies to represent the impact of its research on life and society beyond academia.

BIRGER HJØRLAND, invited speaker, is Professor in knowledge organization at the Royal School of Library and Information Science at University of Copenhagen and was previously professor at University College in Borås (2000-2001). He holds an MA in psychology and PhD in library and information science. Prof. Birger was a research librarian at the Royal Library in Copenhagen 1978-1990, and taught information science at the Department of Mathematical and Applied Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen 1983-1986. He is chair of ISKO Scientific Advisory Council and a member of the editorial boards of Knowledge Organization, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology and Journal of Documentation. He is editor-in-chief of ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization. His h-index on 2017-02-11 is 41 in Google Scholar and 23 in Web of Science.
Talk title: Facet analysis as one among other theories of classification

JOSEPH T. TENNIS, invited speaker, is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at the University of Washington Information School, Adjunct Associate Professor in Linguistics, and a member of the Textual Studies and Museology faculty advisory groups at the University of Washington. He is President of the International Society for Knowledge Organization and Immediate Past Chair of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. He is on the Library Quarterly and Knowledge Organization journals editorial boards, and a member of the InterPARES Trust research team - a multidisciplinary digital records preservation research project with researchers across six continents. Tennis works in classification theory, metadata versioning, ethics of knowledge organization work, descriptive informatics, and authenticity. He teaches courses in classification, metadata, and intellectual foundations of information science at the University of Washington iSchool. He won the 2013 ALISE/Bohdan S. Wynar Award, for The Strange Case of Eugenics: A Subject's Ontogeny in a Long-Lived Classification Scheme and the Question of Collocative Integrity; and one of three best papers in the Theory and Methodology Track at Digital Cultural Heritage 2015 for his paper, Archival Metadata for Digital Cultural Heritage: Conceptual ProvenanContextual Forensics, and the Authority of the Found Digital Object. Tennis holds his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Lawrence University, and Master of Library Science, and Specialist Degree in Book History both from Indiana University, and a PhD in Information Science from the University of Washington. He has thrice been a visiting scholar at the State University of São Paulo. And in the spring of 2016 he was an invited professor at the Université Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3.

CLAUDIO GNOLI, invited speaker, has been an academic librarian since 1994, currently at the Science and Technology Library, University of Pavia, Italy. He has taught various courses and lessons on classification and knowledge organization, including a recent invited lecture at the KO Research Group, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He is a specialist in classification and facet analysis on both the theoretical plane and its application to the development of classification systems based on disciplines (UDC editorial board) or based on phenomena (Integrative Levels Classification research project). He is co-author of Interdisciplinary Knowledge Organization (Springer, 2016); a chapter author in K. Golub's Subject Access to Information (Libraries Unlimited, 2014) and of numerous papers in academic journals; and web editor of the ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization. He tweets on KO topics as @scritur.

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